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  • Download Policy

    Phantom Martial Arts provides downloadable video titles in Standard (640x360) and High Definition (1280x720).

    No refunds of any kind will be issued for downloadable products. You must have an internet connection fast enough and stable enough to download a 700+ megabyte file. Download links expire 48 hours from the time of purchase.

    You MAY:
    • Make ONE OFFLINE COPY of the video title for yourself.
    • Play the video title on multiple computers owned and operated solely by yourself.
    • Transfer the video title to a handheld device owned and operated solely by yourself.

    You MAY NOT:
    • Share the video title with anyone for any reason.
    • Present the video title in public.
    • Resell or distribute copies of the video title for profit under any circumstances.

    We recommend VLC Media Player for playback.