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  • Download Policy

    Phantom Martial Arts provides downloadable video titles in Standard (360p) and High Definition (720p/1080p).

    No refunds of any kind will be issued for downloadable products. You must have an internet connection fast enough and stable enough to download a 700+ megabyte file. Download links expire 48 hours from the time of purchase.

    You MAY:
    • Make ONE OFFLINE COPY of the video title for yourself.
    • Play the video title on multiple computers owned and operated solely by yourself.
    • Transfer the video title to a handheld device owned and operated solely by yourself.

    You MAY NOT:
    • Share the video title with anyone for any reason.
    • Present the video title in public.
    • Resell or distribute copies of the video title for profit under any circumstances.

    We recommend VLC Media Player for playback.